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This movie is about one man's victorious battles against a vicious and deadly enemy.

"This movie is based on my book Living for Game Day. It is about my life, family, tradition and skills that I used to overcome three epic battles with cancer. The story has the comedic overtones and passions of academy award nominated Silver Linings Playbook. It has scenes that will stay with you forever". - Phil Bracco

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Phil Bracco was a man who ostensibly had it all; a loving wife and two beautiful children, a successful business career and loyal friends who respected his passion and discipline. He was a poster boy for attaining the "American Dream".

Why was Phil the target of a ruthless enemy that would stop at nothing to bring him down? Maybe because this enemy had taken down Phil's younger brother. Although he always knew there was a chance this evil adversary would come after him, he ignored it until the time came for him to stand up and face his destiny head on.

Phil would have to call on everything he learned from growing up on the mean streets of Brooklyn. He attended the top-rated private high school in America, St. Francis Prep. He became an A-list student and received all-star recognition on the football field. In his struggle to survive he would continually recall the lessons learned from his mentors. But most of all Phil would rely on his survival instincts.

A plan was needed to escape the clutches of a deathtrap his foe had conceived. Phil's plan was to attack rather than wait and be the victim. Four attempts on his life were defeated by his ability to control fear by focusing on the ultimate victory that he truly believed would be his. -Leo Rossi 

Writer/Producer of Living For Came Day 

Leo Rossi has appeared in 96 feature films. He has produced 10 films and has written three screenplays that have been produced and made into motion pictures.

In the hit Analyze This which stars Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro, Leo plays a lead role as DeNiro's evil cousin "Carlo". His first starring role was opposite Bonnie Bedelia and Beau Bridges in the Jonathan Kaplan directed film Heart Like A Wheel. Leo's performance drew critical acclaim from critics around the country. Twentieth Century Fox mounted a campaign of full-page ads in the trade publications pushing Leo Rossi for "Best Supporting Actor" that year.

After supporting roles in Black Widow, also for Twentieth Century Fox,and River's Edge (Keanu Reeves' first film), Leo played one of his most memorable film roles as the key antagonist in The Accused, starring opposite Jodie Foster for which she won the Oscar. Foster praised Leo Rossi's gritty performance in her acceptance speech.

Exposure in The Accusedled to Leo's first starring lead role in the film Relentless, which co-starred Judd Nelson and Robert Loggia. This film became one of the industry's success stories in the spawning of three additional sequels. Rossi starred in all four films and produced the last two.

With the success of the Relentless franchise, Columbia Tri-Starembraced Leo Rossi leading to his starring in four more films for the distributor. We're Talkin' Serious Money,starring Dennis Farina, Fran Dresher, and Leo Rossi was a labor of love, since Leo also wrote and produced the film.

In Fast Getaway, Leo's father-son relationship with actor Corey Haim continues to make that film one of the most watched films of all time on cable television. Columbia Tri-Star's Too Much Sun was an ensemble film with Robert Downey Jr. Beyond Desire, in which Leo starred opposite William Forsythe, became the #1 film of all the rented films on video that year. One-Eyed King, a story of family betrayal, starred Leo and a couple of his old pals, Chazz Palminteri and Armand Assante.

Once again paired with director Jonathan Kaplan, Leo co-starred in the critical acclaimed CBS mini-series In Cold Blood, based on the Truman Capote novel of the same name. The film stars Anthony Edwards, Eric Roberts, and Sam Neill and was considered one of the season's television "events".

Other TV roles include attorney Noah Detrich in the mini-series Falcone and a two-part ER playing a "tough as nails" detective. There are numerous other guest starring roles which demonstrate Leo's incredible versatility as an actor.

Leo produced Wisegal starring Alyssa Milano and James Caan, which was the highest rated movie in history for the LIFETIME network and won the 2008 Women's Image Network Award for, "Outstanding Made For Television Movie".

Leo starred in 10th & Wolfwith Giovanni Ribisi, James Marsden, Piper Parabo and Val Kilmer and in The Nail- The Story of Joey Nardone with Tony Danza. Both of which he produced through Eastman -Rossi Productions.

Most recently, Leo wrote the screenplay Gotti: In The Shadow of My Father for Fiore Films slated for production in the fall of 2013. It stars John Travolta and Al Pacino with Barry Levinson directing.

For Leo's complete resume, please go online to: IMDB - Leo Rossi

Director/Producer for Living For Game Day

Academy Award winning writer, director and producer Bobby Moresco started out as an actor in New York City where he was raised in the Hell's Kitchen district of Manhattan, three blocks and a world away from Broadway.

After studying acting with the widely respected Wynn Handman and Peggy Fuery, founders of The American Place Theatre and Loft Theatre, respectively, Moresco opened The Actor's Gym in New York and then moved the company to Los Angeles in 1978. Still running today, with locations in LA and NY, the "Gym" specializes in developing new work for stage, film and television. The work created there has gone on to Broadway and garnered multiple awards including Emmys, Oscars and Golden Globes. Throughout the '90s, Moresco focused much of his time on creating, writing, directing and

producing for television. Notable projects included Milleniumwhich earned him a Genesis Award, and EZ Streetsin 1996, which won the "Viewers for Quality Television Award" for best program of the year, as well as being named one of the best television shows of all time as recently as 2008. He co-created and executive produced the critically acclaimed series Falcone,

and was nominated for two Emmy Awards. Moresco also created The Black Donnelly'sa series for NBC starring Jonathan Tucker and Olivia Wilde. Moresco is slated to direct The Hundred Codea pilot for NBC to be filmed in Stockholm, Sweden.

Moresco's stage work includes writing and directing over 30 plays Off and Off-Off Broadway and fulfilling a childhood dream, he directed Colin Quinn in "AIrish Wake" at the Helen Hayes on Broadway. 

On the big screen, Moresco co-wrote and produced the breakout film CRASH. The drama, directed by Paul Haggis and starring an ensemble cast including Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon,

Sandra Bullock, Brendan Fraser, Ryan Phillipe, Thandie Newton and Ludacris, was released by Lions Gate Films. In 2005, at the 78th Academy Awards®, Moresco and Haggis were awarded an Oscar for co-writing the film. In addition to winning in the Original Screenplay category, CRASH won additional Oscars for Best Picture and Achievement in Editing. Moresco also received the WGA, Batta and Critic's Choice awards for his work on the screenplay.

Moresco's other features include, MILLION DOLLAR BABY (2005 Academy Award Winner for Best Picture), which he co-produced and developed with Paul Haggis; and 10TH& WOLF, which he wrote and directed, produced by Leo Rossi starring James Marsden, Giovanni Ribisi, and Brad Renfro.

CRASH, the film, inspired the television series, also entitled Crash on the Starz Network. Moresco executive produced the first season, in addition to directing two episodes. The series starred Dennis HopperEric Roberts, Ross McCall, and Jacko Sims, among others.

Bobby is married to Barbara, his wife of 35 years, and lives in Los Angeles.